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MTA Startups

EN 1820 es una marca sin estereotipos que crea ropa técnica de deportes de combate para mujeres a través de un proyecto integral, que visibiliza y capacita a las mujeres luchadoras.


Aglaya offers an immersive platform for holding Virtual Reality events, fairs and congresses through 3D environments.


BAIBA es una empresa dedicada a la innovación en el sector de la alimentación. Trabajamos con toda la cadena de valor acelerando proyectos de innovación y asesorando en el desarrollo de nuevos productos y modelos de negocio.


BITXO es una Startup de Biotech dedicada a la producción y transformación del insecto tenebrio molitor para alimentación animal y humana.


Bizipoz, which in basque means to live happy, it’s a cooperative company that empowers seniors. We wish that our contribution can help elderly people be part of our society in an active way.


Plataforma Legaltech para la automatización administrativa gracias a la tecnología Blockchain

Code Contract

EKI is a gamified app where users can find everything they want to learn in the area of sex education. They do it in a self-taught and fun way, helping to break the taboo of sexuality from intimacy.


Sell on-trend products to different countries in Europe.


At GAMAN we create adapted toilets so that everyone can enjoy social participation on equal terms.


We create trustworthy value generating business opportunities and alliances in Japan.

JAM Global

KINNIK is a StartUp who works on the problems and needs that arise in the world of sport, providing innovative solutions, always based on the values that sport promotes.

KINNIK Sport & Innovation

At Kuvu we develop intergenerational solutions that promote quality of life. From marketplaces for home sharing ( to applications that coordinate neighbourhood support networks (


Creamos soluciones visuales. Historias en movimiento, ilustración, Graphic Recording. Digital, o no. ¿Cómo? Mediante Visual thinking.

Make it Visual

Biofertilizers based on microbes to help reduce or substitute chemicals in agrculture

Nostoc Biotech

Sheedo is a sustainable and plantable gifts. We design, manufacture and sell alternatives to common products that gives life instead of waste.


Gestión de residuos oleícolas y producción de biogás y nanopartículas a partir de ellos


BIGEL es un equipo de 5 personas, que desde mayo del 2017 desarrolla proyectos en el ámbito deportivo y educativo. Por otro lado, BIGEL es socio mayoritario de WATS S.L. y 1820 S.L., dos empresas que trabajan en el sector deportivo.

Stay Bigel S.L.L.

Talent Class is the platform where anyone can learn from the best chefs in the world.

Talent Class

We are fostering innovation


The Good Goal is an application that helps young environmentally concerned people to know the impact of their actions to improve their habits in an accessible, easy and motivating way.

The Good Goal

We promote initiatives that generate impact FROM AND FOR YOUTH.


Trak is a patient monitoring and tele-rehabilitation software for healthcare proffesionals.


WATS Team's mission is to become the reference organisation in promoting the values of sports and the culture of non-violence. We are the world's largest team against violence in sports.


Voladora es una empresa de moda joven nacida en 2019, que vende ropa a través de una filosofía y unos valores de libertad y de hacer lo que te de la gana, dentro de un estilo muy sencillo y juvenil.


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