We exist to provide radical educational programs that put people and their passions at the center by running knowledge-creating companies.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our learning programs are designed to prepare people to work in a global & diverse world, thus contributing to the knowledge society whose competitive advantage is innovation.

  • 91%

    Of graduates went on to proffesional opportunities within a year of graduating

  • +1k

    Employers hired LEINNers

  • +120M

    turnover generated by LEINNers and graduates

Our programs

5 reasons to join us

A unique learning enviroment

#1 A unique learning enviroment

Team Learning by Creating

#2 Team Learning by Creating

Build a global network

#3 Build a global network

Develop real projects in your real company

#4 Develop real projects in your real company

Innovation at heart

#5 Innovation at heart

Do you have what it takes to join us?

  1. 01Interest in a unique way of learning, with a focus on practical training
  2. 02Motivated to learn about business management and its problems
  3. 03Strong work ethic, creativity and open mindset
  4. 04People skills and teamwork
  5. 05Oral and written communication in English

If your answer is YES to these questions, congrats, you are a potential candidate

Would you like to change your life to change the society?

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Get some inspiration

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Team Learning by Creating

Is it an Official Degree?

I work in a company, which are my options?

I'm a University student, could I apply for the Changemaker Lab program?

Why should I choose an MTA program?

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