What are the LABS for?

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#1 Collaborate co-work space and community

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#2 Educational programs

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#3 Networking events

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#4 Access to a talented community of innovators and entrepeeneurs

"The LAB is the central element of our learning processes. It gives meaning to the daily work and makes you feel part of the MTA Community. Wherever you go, you will have the ability to create a space where teams will learn and create".

Liher Pillado. Team Coach. bidasoa Lab.


Can I visit a LAB?

I want to visit a LAB and get to know the ecosystem behind. Be in touch with the teampreneurs and analyze collaboration opportunities.

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Can I create a LAB?

I am part of innovation ecosystem and
I would love to have MTA around.

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Do I create a real company in the first year?

What can be done in MTA?

Which is your background?

Do you have in mind more LAB projects?

Get to know us better.
What are you interested in?

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