Quick answer to the frequently asked questions.

Is MTA a college degree or is it something else?

Is MTA an open community?

What is MTA for?

What can I do to be a changemaker?

Is it an Official Degree?

I work in a company, which are my options?

I'm a University student, could I apply for the Changemaker Lab program?

Why should I choose an MTA program?

Do you have in mind more LAB projects?

I need a space for work, can I join MTA?

I'm looking for a team, is this the place?

As a company, how can I collaborate?

What does it mean to be an MTA Startup?

How do you foster entrepreneurship?

Which is the methodology behind?

Can I be a mentor?

What can be done in MTA?

Who is MTA for?

Which is your background?

Where is this methodology coming from?

What kind of job could I get after MTA program?

How big are the teams? (LEINN)

What's the criteria to divide teams from a school/coach's perspective?

It's ok to apply to LEINN with a bachelor's degree?

Do I create a real company in the first year?

What are the selection criteria?

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