If you are....

a professional with several years of experience willing to boost your entrepreneurial and innovation skills while understanding the differences in business around the world, MINN is your programme

And you are looking to...

develope a new entrepreneurial project or just experiment and learn in an intercultural environment

Durign the MINN program you will

Develop your soft skills and teamwork while building your own project.

And market yourself as...

a master in innovation and intra/entrepreneurship.

Official degree:

Master in Innovation and entrepreneurship


240ECTS / 1 year or 1 and a half year


Offline / Online





Europe, USA, Asia, Africa (changing destinies every year)

Program overview

Year 1

  • Module 1: Transformation of organizations through teams and learning organizations
  • Module 2: Digital transformation through exponential technologies: AI, Blockchain, robotics...
  • Module 3: People centered Innovation ecosistems
  • Module 4: Disruptive innovation strategies
  • Module 5: Emerging markets, global challenges, U-Theory and base of the pyramid
  • Module 6: Colaborative Innovation and cocreation with customers
MINN leads you to look at the world with different eyes, to understand the reality from another perspective. I see it in myself and I also identify it in my fellow “MINNmates”, we have all changed. Beyond all the theory behind, the reading plan, etc., the programme takes you to understand and live the diverse international entrepreneurship ecosystems, to meet people from all around the world willing to invent the future, to get down to work, and all this, while being in tune with yourself, growing as a team and building-up with purpose.

Leire Lagunilla

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