If you are...

Determined to launch digital platforms that offer decent, dignified work / Committed to researching the cooperative digital economy / Interested in shaping policy in this sector / Member of a cooperative or startup who wants to transition their enterprise to a platform cooperative.

And you are looking to...

Advance your understanding of platform capitalism and the gig economy, learn about worker cooperatives and develop an action plan for your platform co-op.

To develop your potential...

Advance your understanding of platform capitalism and the gig economy / Learn about worker cooperatives / Learn about platform capitalism, the gig economy, and the cooperative digital economy / Develop an action plan for your platform co-op / Familiarize yourself with the ecosystem of platform co-ops / Learn new skills / Develop a business plan and deck for your project / Work with local partner organizations / Share your existing knowledge and experience / Connect with hundreds of people in this global community / Understand the process of building a platform co-op / Understand in which way can be the digital economy democratized

And market yourself as...

More knowledgeable on platform businesses and platform cooperatives specifically / Someone who understands the platform capitalism, new business models arising as platform cooperatives and the digital transformation of the cooperatives

Join Platform Co-ops Now!


15 weeks




Fully supported in English and Spanish. Local discussions happen in the local language lead by the local partners



Online. Global and Local calls. Synchronous and Asynchronous spaces.

Program overview

Year 1

  • · Welcome/Orientation
  • · Introduction to Platform Cooperativism
  • · The Cooperative Advantage
  • · Scaling Solidarity
  • · Ownership
  • Paths: Research + Policy Path or Entrepreneurial Track

Year 2

  • · Learning principles and Tools
  • · The Need, Opportunities, & Idea Market
  • · The Creation & Business Idea Generation
  • · Analysis Business Idea Environment & Value Proposition
  • · Customer Validation, Testing, Prototype, & First Minimum Viable Product
  • · Platform Co-op Business Model Generation
  • · Technology Frame, User Stories, & Technological Pathways. How to build your platform in Sharetribe
  • · Financial Frame, Business Plan Feasibility, Impact Investment Strategy
  • · Communication Strategy & Pitching
  • · Public Online Presentations for both Entrepreneurial and Research Track
The PCC and Mondragon put together a truly diverse set of cooperators from around the world, creating a network of sharing and collaboration, true to the cooperative spirit. We, at SEWA Cooperative Federation, have been inspired to work harder towards including India’s informal women workers into this network.


Platform Coops Now! provided me with the knowledge and global contacts I needed to get started in the platform cooperative ecosystem. It has been a hugely valuable and inspiring experience.


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