MTA, team of teams

We are a unified but not uniform international community co-creating & learning together. I am because we are.

Florida Universitaria
The Cooperative Florida Universitaria is our partner in Valencia. We have been active for more than 8 years with the LEINN Programme there creating already a community of more than 150 LEINNers and 14 companies.
Our partner in Korea. With the first changemakers from LEINN Seoul about to graduate, they are creating social innovation based LABS around the country.
IBERO Puebla
The first Lab in Latin America together with the IBERO Puebla University. The LAB is hosted within the IDIT (Institute of Design and Technological Innovation) which is a great strategic partner to prototype business ideas and bring them to reality.
Founded during the 1st generation of LEINN, is currently a key partner in the developmet of MTAs strategic challenges on programs development, digitalization, Learning Journeys and intenationalization, based in Bilbao, Berlin, Seoul & Shanghai.
Radical learning lab in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. Prepares teams of young entrepreneurs with a learning mentality and hacks the culture of companies, educational institutions and public administrations.
Xing Wei
Xing Wei is our partner university in China (Shanghai), the first liberal arts university in China and the first to apply the TEAM ACADEMY methodology.

We want to go beyond the years of University and build a living community, generate opportunities and work together to create a positive impact.

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    Working in Innovation

Why should I hire a MTA intern?

  1. 01They are innovative, creative and are trained in the use of problem solving tools and methods
  2. 02They can help boost your company's innovation processes
  3. 03They can be a source of inspiration and motivation for the team
  4. 04And strengthen the competitiveness of the organization


Personal competences

Creative & Changemaker / Open & Self Starter / Brave & Bold / Aware & Future Driven / Team Players/ Honest & Transparent / Passion Driven

Professional competences

Global Mindset / Innovative & Risk Mitigators / Entrepreneurial Leader / Digital / Visionary / Result & Impact / Oriented / Conncected

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