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MTA - Mondragon Team Academy

MTA - Mondragon Team Academy

We make our dreams become true by creating team learning cooperatives


Leadership, Entrepeneurship and Innovation Degree

LEINN is an university degree run only by Mondragon University. It's a business area degree where the students develop their capabilities to create new companies or new projects inside new companies. They are trained to work in a global world contributing to the society through the innovation.

Their learnings and abilities are acquired through "learning by doing" method and through learning in teams with real companies.

In their learning program they have three journeys to different countries where they will learn how to do business in different ways with different cultures and languages.

The first year the learners will travel to one European country.

The second year the learners will travel to USA.

The third year the learners will travel to China and India.


International Executive Master Program in Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation

MINN is a lively, constantly evolving executive learning journey at the service of creative processes, participatory and open environments. The value of MINN lies in a unique team proccess for experimentation and promoting new cross-disciplinary learning. MINN Program started in 2010 to transform leaders and intra/entrepreneurs to be able to transform as well their organizations and project to be more innovative and successful.

MINN is an Executive Master Program created by Mondragon Team Academy (MTA)- Mondragon University and nowadays is happening in in 3 different editions every year:

MINN_Europe: starting in January 2016. Check for more detail HERE.

MINN_China: in collaboration with our partners in China, two editions already running and next one starting in March 2016 Check HERE for more detail 

MINN_India: in collaboration with our partners in India, check HERE for more information

About us

MTA is an organization made up of students and team-entrepreneurs communities born in 2007 within the Faculty of Business Studies of Mondragon Unibertsitatea. MTA employs the methodology used by Team Academy; a community of learners and team entrepreneurs that operates within Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences (Finland).
 The purpose of MTA is to transform (the environment) through team entrepreneurship and based on active learning and cooperative values. Currently MTA is formed by a community of nearly 300 people and aims to become an international community regarding entrepreneurship and team learning. It also offers academic services and supports projects related to (team) entrepreneurship.    

Leading Thoughts: Mision / Vision / Values

Leading Thoughts are the why of the organizations, the reasons why the team companies in Mondragon Team Academy develop their projects. The Leading Thoughts are always shared among all the members of the company, and it's really important reviewing them every year. They are the source of inspiration creating mutual trust, self-discipline and commitment with our beliefs.

Leading Thoughts tell what we are fighting for and why we exist. We found our Leading Thoughts in three elements:

  • MISSION: We define the purpose of existence for each team company and this definition should guide the actions of the company, spell out its overall goal, provide a path and guide decision-making. It provides “ the framework or context where the company’s strategies are formulated”.
  • VISION: Each team outlines what the organization wants to be or how it wants the world in which it operates to be. It's a long term view and concentrates on the future. It can be emotive and it's a source of inspiration.
  • VALUES: These are the beliefs that are shared among the stakeholders of an organization. They drive the culture and priorities of the organization and provide a framework in which decision are taken.

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